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"Lighter fare was provided by Hear Again Radio Project, a visual recreation of two 1950s radio dramas, replete with commercials and sound effects. Every detail ... was well researched and accurate, from the costumes, hairdos, and make-up, to the trained radio voices reading the vintage scripts."
theartblog.org- on our Fringe 2010 production, 
presented by Plays and Players, that included:
         The Adventures of Philip Marlowe- The Last Laugh
         Suspense- Zero Hour

What are people saying about Hear Again Radio Project? See for yourself!
"...it gives us a taste of a lost art form, of a world long gone."
Toby Zinman, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, on our premiere production in 2009, presented by 
Aspire Arts, Inc. for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival
"Though radio drama is best experienced with your eyes shut ... the cast’s period costumes and facial expressions are well worth keeping your eyes open for.... I can recommend that you see this superbly professional production, whether you remember live radio drama (as I do) or missed the pleasure of letting your mind and ears take to places you’ve never been.
Steve Ramm, frequent Hear Again viewer, on his blog http://stevenramm.biddingfortravel.yuku.com/
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